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Creating A Retail Area For Your Auto Body Shop: Three Types Of Merchandise To Consider

Adding a small retail area to your auto body shop is one way to maximize your sales and build relationships with your customers. If you are looking for ways to increase your profits, here are some tips you can use to set up a small retail shop, even if your available space is limited.

Countertop Air Freshener Display

Car air fresheners offer a great impulse buy for customers. They are typically low in cost and can be set up right away, and the air fresheners take up minimal space in your shop. You can buy bulk car air fresheners and rotate the stock as it sells for this purpose. Invest in a small spinner rack, which can be placed next to your cash register. Place a sign on top with the price listed, and ask your mechanics to recommend them as an add-on purchase.

Emergency Repair Kits

Adding emergency repair kits to your new retail area can be a great way to help customers avoid potential car troubles while out on the road. Making these items available can also demonstrate to your customers that you want them to stay safe while behind the wheel. Some options to consider might include:

  • Tire patch kits
  • Door lock de-icers
  • Windshield crack repair kits
  • Roadside flares
  • Roadside emergency kits

Mount a small shelving system on one wall in your waiting room or lobby to house these items, and place a sign on one shelf that indicates all items are intended for quick emergency repairs or roadside troubles.

Car Wash Accessories

After having their cars serviced, your customers may be ready to give them a thorough wash. Adding car wash accessories can help increase add-on sales while offering a wonderful convenience. Microfiber cloths, dashboard cleaners, and car wax are all excellent options for your car wash accessory setup. You can even add spray nozzle attachments for garden hoses to entice customers who wash their cars at home. If your repair shop also offers basic car wash services, be sure to have your repair people mention the availability of these extra items, which customers can buy to take home. If customers decline, your staff can also offer to upgrade the car washes to include the use of these items.

Determine how much space you have available to create a retail shop, and take a look at the types of repairs or types of cars you service most often. You can use this information to find a selection of inventory that makes the most sense for your customers.

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