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2 Types Of Rust You Need To Protect Your Vehicle Against

Even if you take good care of the engine components on your car, the one thing that can still ruin a well-taken care of vehicle is rust. To prevent rust from developing on your vehicle, you need to understand what causes rust and how to prevent it. #1 Surface Rust Is Caused by Abrasions One of the most common types of rust is surface rust. Surface rust only damages the outermost layer of metal on your vehicle and doesn't compromise the quality or strength of the metal on your vehicle. Read More 

It’s All In A Name: Why A Classic Chevy Impala Is So Popular

Have you ever wondered how or why car manufactures pick names for their cars? Part of it is to keep makes and models separate and easily identifiable. The other part is because the right name connotes some magical power to the cars. Take a classic Chevy Impala, for example. Many people think the word "impala" is made up, but it is actually an African antelope. Here is why Chevy would select such a name for a car, and where you can find classic Impala accessories: Read More 

Considering Car Magnets? Here’s What You Need To Know

In an era of digital and mobile marketing, offline and very efficient marketing tools are often disregarded. One of these effective, inexpensive, but highly attractive ways to promote your company or brand is car magnets. Are you considering car magnets to promote your business? Here's what you need to know about car magnets. Design The marketing efficiency of your car magnet is only as good as its design. Keep the design simple but informative. Read More 

Love Loud Music But Live In A Quiet Neighborhood? 3 Tips For The Ideal Car Audio

When you live in a quiet neighborhood with lots of neighbors, you need to make sure that you do your best to be considerate of them. While you may love driving and listening to loud music, it's going to end up being an annoyance for neighbors. With this in mind, you'll want to look into what you can do to get the car audio system you want without causing any trouble for your neighbors. Read More 

Case Closed: Clearing Up The Confusion Around Camper Shell Covers

When you are trying to find a cover for the bed of your truck, you have a couple of options. However, if you are looking for a cover that raises the roof over the bed and gives you extra storage room, you may hit a brick wall. You can use all the search words you can to describe this type of cover, but they may not yield much. You will be surprised by the fact that most auto accessory stores refer to these covers as " Read More 

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Sharing My Love For Auto Accessories

Hello, my name is Lacey Winston. Welcome. I am here to talk to you all about automotive accessories for cars, trucks and vans. My first car was a base model without all the fancy bells and whistles. As a result, once a started driving it, I was constantly looking for opportunities to improve its build. I accomplished a full interior makeover using auto accessories from my favorite retailers. I incorporated cupholders, storage cubbies and decorative elements into its overall design. On this website, I hope to inspire others to make the most of the automotive accessories for their cars, trucks and vans. Thank you.



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