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2 Types Of Rust You Need To Protect Your Vehicle Against

Even if you take good care of the engine components on your car, the one thing that can still ruin a well-taken care of vehicle is rust. To prevent rust from developing on your vehicle, you need to understand what causes rust and how to prevent it.

#1 Surface Rust Is Caused by Abrasions

One of the most common types of rust is surface rust. Surface rust only damages the outermost layer of metal on your vehicle and doesn't compromise the quality or strength of the metal on your vehicle.

Surface rust is often caused by abrasions to your vehicle where the paint gets damaged. For example, a dent or scratch on your vehicle can expose the metal underneath, which can quickly lead to surface rust.

If you act quickly, it can be easy to deal with surface rust. To get rid of a small amount of surface rust, just sand it down. Then, apply touch-up paint and primer over the affected area. This should get rid of the rust and should help seal up the area so further rust doesn't develop.

#2 Undercarriage Rust Is Caused by Road Treatments

In climates with really cold winters, it is common to treat the roads to melt away snow and to prevent the formation of ice on the roads. Oftentimes, salt as well as various other chemicals are used to treat the roads can accelerate the rust process. All of that moisture under your car, combined with salt, can accelerate the rusting process. This can lead to rust developing on your underside of your vehicle.

This type of rust is more troubling than surface rust due to an abrasion on your paint job because it is harder to spot rust developing on the undercarriage of your vehicle and take appropriate action to stop the spread of rust.

There are two ways you can protect the underside of your vehicle from developing rust. The first is to get the undercarriage of your vehicle sprayed with a rust inhibitor spray. This type of spray should last for a couple of years, and will provide the undercarriage of your vehicle with a protective coating that will keep all of the parts clean.

The second thing you need to do is keep your vehicle clean in the winter. It's understandable if you don't want to wash your vehicle on your own in the winter. However, you should take your vehicle through a car wash at least twice a week in the winter and be sure to have the underside washed off as well. This will help remove the salt and chemicals that can accelerate the rusting process on your vehicle. Contact a company, like ValuGard, for more help.

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