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It's All In A Name: Why A Classic Chevy Impala Is So Popular

Have you ever wondered how or why car manufactures pick names for their cars? Part of it is to keep makes and models separate and easily identifiable. The other part is because the right name connotes some magical power to the cars. Take a classic Chevy Impala, for example. Many people think the word "impala" is made up, but it is actually an African antelope. Here is why Chevy would select such a name for a car, and where you can find classic Impala accessories:

The Psychological Association with Words

An impala is extremely fast. For those that understand what an Impala is, it comes as no surprise that this auto manufacturer would select a name that connotes speed, swiftness, and agility. All of these traits are desirable in cars. The psychological association that is expected to play out in consumers' minds is that they would know, immediately understand, and associate these qualities in the car with the same name. Hence, the manufacturer would sell more vehicles of this model because people would want a car that is fast and agile.

The Design Lives up to the Name

In this case, the car is very sleek. Some of the original versions from the sixties and seventies were long and lean-lined cars that looked as fashionable as they were fast. These classic versions are still highly-sought after, especially with famous appearances in TV shows like Supernatural and 11.22.63.

Restoring an Impala

There were a lot of these cars cruising the streets back in the day. Many have survived. If you get your hands on one, you might want to restore it. Be sure you check with a car historian at the manufacturer's plant. He or she can help you find and recover the exact parts you need without having to put in more recent parts just to get the vehicle going.

Where to Find Parts

Salvage yards are a good place to start, so long as the salvage yard owner does not crush and cube cars this old when he/she receives them. There are car shows and car enthusiasts who also have parts for sale, and may have a few leads for you on where you can find parts if you get stuck. Do yourself a favor and do not delay. Run like an impala to every source you have been offered or given if you expect to restore your fast and sleek classic car.

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