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Considering Car Magnets? Here's What You Need To Know

In an era of digital and mobile marketing, offline and very efficient marketing tools are often disregarded. One of these effective, inexpensive, but highly attractive ways to promote your company or brand is car magnets. Are you considering car magnets to promote your business? Here's what you need to know about car magnets.


The marketing efficiency of your car magnet is only as good as its design. Keep the design simple but informative. Include your logo to best represent your brand, company name, the best way to contact you, and your website or social media pages. The layout should also be streamlined to highlight the most important information: your company name. Choose at least three colors to be included in your design to maximize the power of first impressions. A simple, sleek, and colorful design can make your custom car magnets highly effective marketing tools.


Applying car magnets is easy but requires careful attention. First, you have to ensure that the car magnet and your car's door are clean before installing it. Clean with water and wipe to dry. Unclean door and/or car magnets undermine the sticking capacity of the material and may come off at high driving speed. Secondly, when installing, make sure that you stick it on a flat metal surface. Just affix one corner and the magnetic pull will automatically attach the rest of the car magnet. Make sure that are no air pockets. If there are air pockets or if you positioned the car magnet wrong, remove and reattach until you get it right.

Care and Durability

You should clean your magnetic car sign and door weekly. You can maintain your magnetic cars just by cleaning them with wet towels and drying with a cloth. When not in use, store your car magnets in dry and flat surfaces. Avoid stocking them in a way that their magnetic sides touch each other. Do not put heavy objects on top too. Custom car magnets are durable. With adequate care, they can last up to 3 years or even for a longer time.

If you intend to promote your company or brand using a limited budget, car magnets are good a good option. With a good design, you can easily spread the word about your business. You need minimal effort to apply, remove, reinstall or stock when not in use. It lasts for many years with minimal maintenance efforts too. Drive around the town and enjoy the marketing benefits of expensive billboards—only better, as it is mobile! Get help from companies like ARC Marketing to decide if this or another vehicle modification is the best way to accomplish your goals.

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