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Case Closed: Clearing Up The Confusion Around Camper Shell Covers

When you are trying to find a cover for the bed of your truck, you have a couple of options. However, if you are looking for a cover that raises the roof over the bed and gives you extra storage room, you may hit a brick wall. You can use all the search words you can to describe this type of cover, but they may not yield much. You will be surprised by the fact that most auto accessory stores refer to these covers as "camper shell covers." If that does not make sense to you, here is an explanation that will hopefully clear up the confusion and help you find the exact product you need.

A Camper Is Something in Which to Camp

Most people associate "camper" with an RV or a pop-up camper on the back of a truck. Generally, a camper is not the bed of a truck, unless you do not have a tent and you like to sleep in the open air on a hard metal surface. That is the first thing that usually confuses consumers who are looking for a hard top cover for their trucks.

Understanding That "Camper Shell" Means Something Else

In this case, the word "shell" refers to something that is "empty." So, "camper shell" means an empty part of a camper. Now, this begins to make more sense when you see a camper shell cover and realize that, yes, it resembles an empty camper shell that usually contains a pop-up camper for a truck. Rather than the shell being filled with the pop-up camper, it is just that--an empty shell.

Camper Shell Covers Is a Good Description

Now that the full meaning of this phrase has been explored, it is easier to understand why camper shell covers are called that. They are "empty" camper-style covers for your truck! It becomes easier to understand, and less confusing to look for. Additionally, if you actually wanted to camp in your truck, this type of cover will at least keep you dry if it rains during the night. Ask any hunter who goes out in his/her truck during hunting season and does not have a cabin or tent to stay in, and he/she will tell you that this is the next best option when there is a camper shell cover on his/her truck. (If you are a hunter, then the shell cover protects your kill from flies and other infestations until you can have the meat processed.)  

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